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As I grew from a callow youth to young adult (a long time ago!) I realised that there were two institutions in particular which made me proud to be British. They were and remain, the National Health Service and the BBC. Five years ago in 2010 new Prime Minister Cameron allowed his Health Secretary Lansley to attempt a radical reorganisation of the NHS, despite having promised that this would not happen (the swiftest breach of an electoral promise ever?). William Beveridge became, through marrying my paternal grandmother, my grandfather and I carry Beveridge as a given name. The damage done to the NHS by the Tories in the last five years therefore goes very deep.

Now governing alone, the Tories are gunning for the BBC. I would never deny that any expenditure of tax money should not be often scrutinised. Too many fees and salaries at the BBC are undoubtedly far too high and there are too many managers. However when senior government figures question, inter alia such as Strictly and The Voice, criticising them because they are not produced by commercial organisations (do they really want commercial standards to drag good shows down to the level of The X Factor?), then we clearly see that the level of understanding of great broadcasting is wanting. So I say, back off Whitingdale and your cohorts of mediocrity! It's not as if the TV License is a vast sum of money to pay each year. You'll not get a pint of beer in many places for £2.78, the weekly cost of the license!





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